, My education, qualifications, and experience

I have a master’s and doctoral degree in authorial acting and pedagogy.  I completed both these degrees studying under renown actor, writer, and educator Professor Ivan Vyskočil at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.  I have done master workshops with SITI company, Anne Bogart, and clown and bouffon with Giovanni Fusetti. 

In Finland, I have taught at the Department of Dance and Theatre Pedagogy, Department of Dance,  Swedish Acting Department and Open University at the University of Arts Helsinki.  I have also taught at Aalto University and Helsinki City Adult Education Centre.

I taught for twelve years at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

I have taught workshops internationally, including New York University, Yale University, Rose Bruford College, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, and the Swedish Theatre, Helsinki.

Teaching values and approach

My performance pedagogy is based in improvisation.  Much of my teaching takes advantage of or is based in IwIP (see below) and other approaches to improvisation and divising I have learned over my 25 years performing professionally. 

My teaching incorporates the values and practices of existentialism, pragmatism, critical pedagogy, transformative education, humanistic psychology, humanism, postive psychology, stoicism, and agonism.  Sharing, play, risk, cooperation, egalitarianism, dramatic conflict, development, insight, and ecology stand out among the values and practices I work with.  I have the utmost respect for the needs of my students, learn much from them, and appreciate affirm each individual’s creative and beautiful idiosyncracies.

Performance courses and workshops that I teach

I teach courses and workshops in solo and group improvisation, clown, (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner, and Performative Well-Being. 

(Inter)acting with the Inner Partner is a solo improvisational discipline originally developed at the Theatre Faculty, Academy of Performing Arts in Prague (Czechia).   Also known as “IwIP”, it was originally created by Professor Ivan Vyskočil at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.  I studied under Professor Vyskočil for 15 years, and trained under him.  He also supervised my doctoral dissertation.  I have been teaching IwIP internationally and developing its pedagogy since 1999.  I have trained other IwIP teachers in Finland.  Courses for the public are part of the offerings of a Helsinki-based non-for-profit, Culture Current. You can also study IwIP as part of Performative-Well Being courses.

Performative Well-Being courses study how to achieve a greater understanding of the relationship between performance and well-being through improvisation based in theatre. We study our well-being on stage and in our everyday lives. We ask: When we perform, how are we doing? We study the principles and practices of performative well-being through improvisational practice based in (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner. We develop performative well-being’s core capacities like performative flow, performative fitness, embodied engagement, discovering meaning, nurturing partnerships, realizing accomplishments. This coursework was developed at the Performing Arts Research Center (Tutke), Theatre Academy, University of Arts Helsinki based on pedagogical research supported by a grant from the Finnish Cultural Foundaton.  These courses have been offered as part of Culture Current, University of Arts Helsinki’s Open University, and Helsinki City Adult Education Centre .

Solo and group improvisation courses for artsist groups or others who wish to develop performance skills and/or improve group dynamics.  They can also be designed as a way of collectively creating performance (devising).  These are based both in the tradition of improv and theatre games (Johnstone and Spolin) as well as in open improvisation based in IwIP.

Clown: My approach to teaching clown draws on IwIP as a solo improvisational method and on the tradition of Jaques LeCoq and Giovanni Fusetti.  A unique approach I explore in these courses is performing clown for video, something I am developing in my artistic work. 

I also teach private courses, workshops, and seminars for the non-for-profit and for-profit sector.

If you are interested in any of these courses or would like more information, please be in touch at alex [at] alexanderkomlosi.name.



December, 2021