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Performance Experience

First, a little context...

From the beginning, I have had a tendency to move back and forth between more conventional theatrical forms (plays) and more experimental ones (performance art, site-specific).

During my BA studies in Political Theory and Performance at Bates College (USA), I anchored my interest in the latter, studying with performance artist William Pope.L. My senior thesis - Mask-u-lin-it-y: A Deconstruction - was my first full-length solo show. After graduating I continued developing my solo performance work and as an actor in shows like "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead."

My studies in authorial acting at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague enriched my approach to my own themes and their development, allowing me to work more cooperatively with my different inner - and outer - partners. These studies were rooted in a narrative approach to theatre, but the creative and artistic choices remained always my own. This meant I was able to explore my interests in interactive and site-specific theatre in performances like "The Office of the Professional Human Being." While studying, I had the opportunity to work in text-based devised performances with colleagues from whom I learned much - like Vladimír Javorský, Markéta Potužáková, Michal Láznovský, Frederika Smetana, in "Konec Světa v Sálonu Gogo" ("The End of the World At Gogo's - The History of a Prague Cabaret").

After completing my MFA, I had the honor of going to France for the Year of Czech Culture, where I worked with inspiring French artists like Zbigniew Horoks and William Mesguich in the French version of "The End of the World At Gogo's". Once back in Prague, I delved more into site-specific theatre with Howard Lotker and the other members of HoME Theatre in various performances like "Oedipus (Complexly), pursued my authorial work with my close collaborator Eva Cechová in "Láská is Love, Love is Láska", and performed in character-based plays like Přemysl Rut's "Sen" ("Dream").

My recent work in Finland has continued to swing between these two poles from the daringly experimental technological feat "Love.abz", directed by Otso Huopaniemi, to the lightly comic romp, "Subs."

What's next? A piece inspired by this wonderfully dramatic polarity of "conventional" and "experimental" - one-man show-happening drawing on stand-up-like performing, narrative theatre, character sketches, retro-presentation (complete with slide-projector and cassette-player), live music and interaction with the audience. But more on that in the "Current Projects" section.

If you're curious about the finer details of my performance experience, please click on a link above.