My teaching is focused on improvisation and works through improvisation.  It intersects with my research work.  Performative well-being is a central theme in my teaching.

I teach courses and workshops in Performative Well-Being, Solo and Group Improvisation, and (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner, also known as “IwIP.”  (See the bottom of this page for more info about IwIP).

Much of my teaching takes advantage of or is based in IwIP as well as other approaches to improvisation and divising I have learned over my 20 years performing.  My teaching incorporates the values and practices of critical pedagogy, transformative education, humanistic psychology, humanism, post-humanism, postive psychology, stoicism, and agonism.  Sharing, play, risk, cooperation, egalitarianism, constructive conflict, development, insight, and ecology stand out among the values and practices I work with.

I have been integrating clown and bouffon approaches into my teaching work recently, after studying with Giovanni Fusetti and doing my own clown-bouffon performances.

I teach regularly at the Department of Dance and Theatre Pedagogy at the University of Arts Helsinki.

I also teach private courses, workshops, and seminars.  These are usually in collaboration with Cutlure Current, an arts, culture and education non-for-profit located in Helsinki, Finland.

I am currently developing Performance and Well-Being workshops and seminars for work-places.

For more information about what I am currently teaching, please see Culture Current’s home page here.

If you have any questions, or are interested in attending or hosting a course, workshop or seminar in Performance and Well-Being, solo or group improvisation, or (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner, please email me  alex [at] alexanderkomlosi.name



July, 2018

(Inter)acting with the Inner Partner (from the Czech: dialogické jednání s vnitřním partnerem) – often shortend to “IwIP” –  is a solo improvisational discipline originally created by Professor Ivan Vyskočil at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.  I studied under Professor Vyskočil for 15 years, and trained under him.  He also superised my doctoral dissertation.  I have been teaching IwIP internationally since 1999.

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