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Teaching Experience

Teaching is another wonderful way of sharing discoveries with others and approaching basic questions about acting and performance in a different way. Do the principles I've discovered from my experience on stage make sense to others? How can we create a learning situation that allows students to encounter and "test out" these principles? How do we create a learning environment that is fundamentally safe, encouraging, and joyful?

My interest in teaching has been about these and related pedagogical questions primarily as they relate to (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner, a psychosomatic improvisational discipline, which I have been studying for over 15 years and teaching for over 10 (click here for more info). I've also had the privilege to collaborate with some wonderfully curious and daring students teaching authorial performance, an approach to creating individual and group performance through individual and shared themes (click here for more info).

Apart from my work in the classroom, much of my administrative and production work has focused on the cultural or learning process.

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Photo: Teaching (Inter)acting with the Inner Partner at the Prague Summer Theatre School, Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. 2013.